Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2 months

Miss Margo Mae is two months old! In some ways it feels like she's been with us much longer. And then I think back on her birth (yes, eventualy I will post her birth story) and it seems like only a few days ago. Time is a funny thing.

She is pure JOY. A very happy baby indeed. People keep saying "of course she's easy, she's #4" and there is probably lots of truth to this. But I really think it's God's grace on our family. Life with 4 small children is CrAzY, Margo is a sweet cherry sitting happily on top.

A couple days ago she had her 2 month immunizations, and we found out that same day we have a lovely case of thrush. That night Tyler was out of town so it was just me and the kids. Well, Miss Margo's little legs must have been really hurting her (or maybe it was the thrush?) but she cried more that evening than in her whole 2 months of life. It was rough. You know how the continuous sound of crying can begin to frazzle your nerves? Well, I wasn't the only one frazzled, the other kids hated it!! Brennan kept asking "why did you give her shots today? Why did you have to do that to her?" Calvin and Charlotte kept walking in out of the room like they weren't sure what to do. We were all very ready for bed that night.

Some stats:
12lbs 13oz (up over 4 lbs from birth!)
23.5 inches
Focuses on faces
Sleeps 9 hours at night (thank you Jesus)
Moving into her 3-6 month clothing


Anonymous said...

AHHHHH! I love her! she is SO CUTE! that face is precious! she is such a sweet baby and I am still so sad that I didn't hear her crying last night over the music aggg! sooorrryyyy, thanks for posting, your kids are adorable!

~Kathryn O.

Kathryn said...

oh and and and..... I got the Pioneer Women's cookbook this morning! it arrives in the mail here in a couple of days and I can hardly wait! thanks for telling me about that, this is an exciting day... = )


Katie Brown said...

I can't wait to cuddle Miss Margo in June! :)

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