Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Calvin Turns 5

Calvin is 5! Of course this seems unbelievable to me. But in some ways Calvin has always seemed older than he is. He's now the age that, since he was 3, everyone assumed he was. Of course, now that he's 5 people assume that he's 7.

He had a great birthday. He chose to eat lunch at McDonald's (why, oh why), we took treats to pre-school. We also took treats to our small group that night. This was the first year we had a "friend" party. In previous years cousins and siblings were enough. But we took a couple sweet boys to the indoor swimming pool, did cupcakes, etc. He is so easy to please. If you can't tell by the pictures the theme was "Jayhawks'!

Calvin Sameul, you are a delight! I enjoy everything about being your mom. I'm so thankful that the Lord chose us to be your parents, what a blessing.

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