Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A weekend in Hutch

We went to Hutchinson last weekend to celebrate my Grandma's 90th birthday.  She actually turned 90 in March, but it was the only weekend all 31 of us could get together.  

First let me start by saying...I love my family!  Every single one of them.  There is no proverbial "crazy uncle Larry".  We all have so much fun and genuinely enjoy being together.

We spent 2 days at the pool and it was great.  All my kids love the water.  Best of all the boys are completely occupied for several hours.  They only require food every once in awhile, other than that they are happy.

We had the birthday party on Sat night at a restaurant called the Anchor Inn.  Someone asked me a few years back if it was seafood, given the work "Anchor" in the name.  Never in the 20-some years previous had that ever crossed my mind.  It's Mexican food.  We love it so much we had it catered at our wedding.

Here's Grandma with 12 great grand kids (#13, maddon, was sleeping like a good boy)

Me and my Daddy

Calvin with Nana and Papa

Tyler and Charlotte

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