Monday, May 5, 2008

Birthday Week

Wow, what a week (end).  This double birthday thing is going to be tricky.  I am completely worn out!  We awoke on Charlotte's birthday (friday) and had no power.  The storms early Friday morning knocked out power all over town.  I had been planning a dual birthday party for all our family for that night and wouldn't you know the power stayed off all day long.  So I spent the day fretting over the cake I had planned on baking (no oven), the food in the fridge (keeping it cold), and 18 people in a house with no power.  Well, we moved the party to my brothers house, I bought a cake and we didn't open the fridge all day so the food would stay cold.  All in all everything worked out just fine.  Charlotte went ahead and turned 1 even without power, how dare she!

Sweet Charlotte, Char-latte, Charlie, sweet C.....I can't believe you are 1!  What an amazing year it's been.  It's hard to believe I lived 29 years without you.  Life is much better with you around! From day one you've been a very content baby.  The only time you raise your voice is when you're trying to compete with the noise level of your brothers.  Speaking of your brothers, they love you dearly.  Brennan loves to take care of you.  He makes sure you don't put small toys in your mouth and loves to feed you cheerios.  Calvin loves to be as close as possible to you.  He's happiest about 1 in from your face, this however, isn't when you're happiest.  Here are some fun things about you.....

*You are 31 inches long, which is in the 98 %
*You are 22 lbs, which is in the 70%
*You are crawling everywhere!
*You're pulling up on furniture although not really "cruising" yet.
*You can say "dada" and "mama" and "ball" although "dada" is your favorite word to say.
*You have a new look.  You press your brow when I tell you "no" or when you want something.
*You sign "all done" and "more"

Charlie girl, you are delightful.  You bring pure joy to our lives.  I am so blessed to call you my daughter.  Oh how I love having a girl!

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